Senny Sianco
Dear Sianco is a six year only Section A Welsh Mountain pony.  He was given to me a year ago because it appeared that he needed a rather expensive operation that was beyond his owner’s pocket and it was hoped at the time that Acupressure might help him. Sianco had an odorous nasal discharge which had not responded to anti-biotics and it was feared at the time that the cause was a tooth and/or sinus infection.  The dentist was called and his teeth were closely inspected – eventually.  Special techniques had to be employed to keep the gag on his head!  As he was able to slide it off with a quick wiggle of his ears, we had the plait it on!  But it was the best job ever! The swelling on the left side of his face began to go down and during the winter months, as the teeth settled into a proper munching pattern, the nasal discharge grew less and less.  What was even more pleasing was when he stopped wiping his nose on my jumper! He is a very entertaining companion pony at the moment whose role in our life is still waiting to be developed, but his turn is coming!  He begs for attention on a daily basis and you can rest assured that by the end of September he will have a spot on our blog!
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