“Acupressure compliments veterinary care and I believe expedites recovery. Thanks Sue For Everything”
Pogo was, at the time of his accident, a three year old part bred Arab who had already seen success in the showing ring.  Whilst he had a huge presence, his manners were always impeccable and I couldn’t help but smile when I watched him and Anna in the ring.  I had the pleasure of visiting him on a social basis many times and it came as quite a shock to be asked to visit in an official capacity because he’d been in an accident. I’ll let Anna tell his story: ‘Pogo went though a wire fence (sheep netting) back in October 2008. He jumped over the fence but landed on the bank, fell and put all four legs though the fence.  He was cut out and walked back to the yard. The vet was called and so was Sue.   The vet gave him an antibiotic injection and painkillers. He was worried about several of the wounds as they could not be stitched because the wire had skinned the legs.  Sue suggested I kept him walking through the next 24 hours, so every 2-3 hours, for 15mins, I walked him round the yard and cold hose his legs in an effort to keep the damage to a minimal.  His legs were going to swell. And they did swell!  But we managed to keep him mobile and with the aid of Manuka honey the wounds started to heal nicely.  But, as the days passed, I was worried about the stiffness and lack of movement in Pogo's back, hips and shoulders. I saw him attempt to jump the bank and, because he had landed with such force, I felt he had jarred himself quite badly. Sue came out and assessed him using acupressure.  There was tenderness and tension through his pelvis, several areas along his spine and through his neck.  Even though he started to show improvement after the first session, Sue needed to see him three times before it happened. I sent Sue this text: Pogo just bucked and bucked and bucked and bucked, and then he leapt in the air with all four feet off the floor.  At that point my heart was in my stomach and I was thinking, ‘I will never stay on there!’ BUT, BUT, BUT THEN…he TROTTED! It’s the first time since the accident. Thank you so MUCH! It was SO good to see him roll for the first time since his accident and to see him buck and trot across the field was the icing on the cake. I do believe without Sue's treatment and advice he would not have healed or recovered as quickly as he did. The wounds are still healing and Sue is still keeping an eye on us.  As he is a four year old now, who is still developing physically and mentally, he seems to benefit from regular check ups to keep him bouncing and forward going. Acupressure, for my horses, is a highly recommended addition to maintaining good health for my horses.  It has also been shown to me how, during a trauma or crisis, Acupressure compliments Veterinary Care, and I believe it expedites recovery. 
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