I dont know what to say, Sue!  Hes just a different horse!
Ben is now 14 years old and I have had the pleasure of working with him for the last four years.  He is a thoroughbred cross who now enjoys good turnout facilities and has a stable on a nicely laid out livery yard where all the comings and goings can be observed without it all passing directly pass his box.  There is also the use of a large arena so his schooling does not get interrupted during bad weather. Because Ben had severe difficulty concentrating when I first met him we started by looking at his environment and his nutrition.  He was stabled on a very busy yard and, despite a full routine of his own he found the comings and goings of a riding school over exciting. His feed was examined and it was felt that he would benefit from a change from the manufactured selenium/vitamin E mix to a natural source of vitamins and minerals; seaweed was added to his daily feed. His first full acupressure session was profound. Assessment of the Association points established that the Wood element was empty to the touch; both the Liver and Gall Bladder meridian were totally hollow.  To a lesser extent, so were the Earth Elements, but the Water element was the opposite.  To describe this visually, his back was very tense.  Where the deepest part of the seat of a saddle would be was hollow and behind the saddle was too full.  Because of this, Ben’s owner has been very particular about the fit of his saddle. As the assessment took place, Ben’s reaction was astounding. Firstly, his concentration level was much improved.  His releases of tension were displayed with the usual yawns, but every now and then he would stagger.  Several times his recovery to his usual level of attentiveness took several minutes.  His owner mentioned at this point that  he would often fall over if he nodded off whilst on his feet, at home in the field and at shows after his class.  He had also been difficult to shoe and it appeared, as the session progressed, that he found it exceedingly difficult to establish a sense of balance. Using the Five Element Theory, it was determined that this horse had depletion in the Wood element which was, at this time, the main problematical area.  For those of you with an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the session was completed by working on the Gall Bladder meridian using GB 37 (connecting point to the Liver meridian), GB 34 (Earth point) sedated, GB 43 (tonification point and water command point) and sedation GB44 (metal command point).  GB 34 and GB 43 induced staggering and buckling of the legs.  Please be assured, we were working on a deeply littered bed at the time. For those who wish to know how these points were beneficial to Ben: GB 34 Earth point benefits muscles and tendons relieving lower back pain, hips and hocks discomfort. GB 37 Regulates the energy to the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians potentially relieving varying degrees of lower leg                                   and hoof pain. GB 43 Water point helps alleviate symptoms of vertigo and anxiety. It can also help support hoof pain or discomfort. GB 44 Metal point also supports foot pain and vertigo. All these points clear a pathogen identified in terms of TCM as Liver wind and one of the indications of wind invasion is dizziness. Ben has regular check ups twice a year and I was thrilled to see him with Ceri at a couple of local shows this year.  When I asked her how Ben was she simple said, ‘I don’t know what to say, Sue!  He’s just a different horse!’
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