Acupressure is the based on the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  TCM is thousands of years old and is based on observation. The ancient Chinese lived closely with nature and they survived in the elements by honouring the changes in the seasons around them.  They learned that just as nature goes through cyclic changes, so do humans and animals and accordingly, they would abide by inherent laws of nature to ensure good health.  In our modern world where the speed of life is governed by time and pressure, it is not always possible to abide by natures law and the effects of this can be damaging to our energy levels, and the energy levels of our horses (and other pets), and the way the energy flows through the body.   Life energy, know as Chi, flows through interconnected pathways called meridians and is present in all life forms.  Without Chi there is no life. When Chi is balanced and flowing freely within the meridian system health and order exist, and the mind, body and sole are in harmony.  However, when Chi becomes blocked, stagnation occurs creating the opportunity for pain, illness or disease to occur.  This can happen because of unfavourable environmental influences, the weather for example, or due to trauma following an accident. By manipulating or applying pressure to specific points (acupoints) along the meridians it has been established that the flow of Chi could be influenced and improved, relieving pathogenic symptoms such as stiffness or physical manifestations such as dullness showing in the coat, and the improvement of the flow of energy benefits interrelated meridians. The ancient Chinese believe that the energy of each individual meridian flows in a constant ribbon during a twenty four hour period so, by clearing stagnation in one energetic channel, the benefit to all the other meridians will be seen during the following twenty four hours.  It is, therefore, possible to see improvements in what might originally be considered to be an unrelated problem, behavioural issues for example. We may not always be able to do exactly what nature intended but ensuring that the mind, body and soul are in harmony go a long way towards ensuring preventative measures are taken to ward off pathogenic invasion which lead to a breakdown in good health.
Acupressure What Is It?
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